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Welcome to online resource hub and web directory of Indian NGOs i.e NGOsinfo.com. You can use this website to get detailed information regarding POs, NGOs (Non governmental organization), social activists and concerned stakeholders, GOs in India, issues, projects, funding agencies, success stories of individuals and different organizations, job opportunities in social sector and many more.

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Always try to learn and go public with the most connected, experienced and reliable group. Our company has been dedicated since several years towards social justice, comfortable environment and human rights. India is a democratic country and basic human right is right to communicate. Thus, to have sustainable development, we are available with wide variety of information, necessary for effective decision-making at different levels.   

We are also committed for the promotion of sustainable growth initiatives and spreading of information in regards with the varied needs of under presented and insignificant arenas of society. For filling the data gap and improvising the standards of quality, we have established a medium used for the exchange of accurate and rich source of qualitative information.